BNB Millionaire

The Millionaire Maker Smart Contract

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Contract Status: Verified Contract And we only just started!

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BNB Farming

Earn 1.5% + Contract Bonus + Personal Bonus
every day, paid every second, FOREVER

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Invest in BNB Millionaire and gain 1.5% + bonus return of investment daily! The Smart Contract is verified, without backdoor and can not be altered. It is designed to bring profit for anyone, forever! We Reward Whales and make sure they don't drain the contract, which makes sure small investors get their return as well! Invest today and join us in our journey to get BNB Millionaires!

Your BNB Farm

Profits are automatically calculated every seconds, forever, on your total investment. You can withraw or reinvest your earnings anytime.

Total Invested


Total Withdrawn


3.33% Cashback!

Get a 3.33% Cashback on your first deposit and every following investment above 3 BNB

Profit Calculator


Receive 0.48 BNB after 30 days, 1.55 BNB after 100 days, 2.4 BNB after 150 days and 5.8 BNB after 365 days

Invest 1 BNB now!

Our verified smart contract generates 1.5% + more ROI every day, for every investor, forever. The contract is designed to grow and generate profits forever by rewarding late withdraws and balancing whales.

Earn With Referrals

Earn more with multi-level referral rewards! Get up to 8% for first level referrals and earn 5 more times down the line! Just share your referral link with your friends & community and see your earnings grow.

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Level 2


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Level 6


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Want to earn more?

Claim one of 3 unique positions earn up to 1% on every transaction!

Deposit Joker

Get a 1% Bonus for
every deposit on the Platform.

This position is available for the highest bidder. The price increases 25% for every change, the prior owner gets a 100% refund to their wallet.

Whale Bonus

The #1 investor on our contract
gets a 1% Bonus for
every deposit & withdraw.

Withdraw Joker

Get a 1% Bonus for
every withdraw on the Platform.

This position is available for the highest bidder. The price increases 25% for every change, the prior owner gets a 100% refund to their wallet.

~ FAQ ~

Learn how BNB Millionaire works

BNB is not just another copy cat. After crunching spreadsheets for a while we developed a 100% custom, fair and simply working investment system for anyone. It allows anyone to earn their daily 1.5% + Bonus ROI, it benefits whales and big investors but also makes sure they can not drain the contract. By Design, the contract will grow and everyone will be able to claim their earnings for as long as possible. In every simulation we are talking about years to come!

This is why BNB Millionaire is different instead of pushing for instant growth, our contract aims to grow slowly and get bigger every day! Join now are secure your position as future BNB Millionaire!


Contract Bonus

+0.001% per BNB currently in the contract, up to +5% Contract Bonus added to your daily earnings.


Personal Bonus

+0.05% per 24 hours without withdraw, up to +4% added to your daily earnings
+0.1% for 1, 10, 25, 50 & 100 BNB invested (up to +0.5%)


Withdraw Fee

There is a base 2% withdraw fee whenever you decide to withdraw. The fee increases when you are going to withdraw more than 1% of the contract balance. More than 1% leads to a 10% fee, more than 10% is a 25% fee, if you withdraw more than 25% the fee rises to 50% and if you withdraw more than 50% the fee is 75%. This balances whales and makes sure nobody drains the contract!

How does BNB Millionaire work?

By investing BNB in our Contract you get 1.5% (and more) ROI every single day. Calculated every second, and you can withdraw anytime. This happens on a BSC Smart Contract which can not be altered and is 100% fair.

When can i withdraw?

You can withdraw anytime and it happens instantly with your transaction. But Withdrawing resets your withdraw bonus! You need a few BNB for the transaction fee.

How fast do i get profit?

It depends on the current contract bonus and personal bonus. Based on the 1.5% minimal daily ROI you have profit in at least 66 days, in practice it can be way faster. From then on every income is 100% profit.

How to use BNB Millionaire?

You need a Web3 compatible wallet either running in your Browser (like Metamask) or on your phone. Any compatible wallet that connects to the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) should work with our service.

The BSC Network is automatically setup in your wallet if necessary. You need a few BNB coins to pay for transactions fees (a few cents)

How does the referral system work?

Referrals are paid on up to 6 levels everytime a referral makes a investment. Referrals are saved in the contract and browser, so you will earn forever from your referred users!

Referral earnings can be withdrawn anytime from above.

Any issues or questions? Drop us a line